File: INB: Controversial Issues Policy


A sub-committee of the Mt. Ararat high School Health Committee has drafted a policy and procedures for handling possible controversial issues related to the expanding health program. Although the policy was drafted for the health curriculum, it would apply District-wide. This policy has been accepted by the Mt. Ararat and “Health is Elementary” health committees and administrative team. It was approved by the Board of Directors in summer of 1987.
The policy reads as follows:
The basic curriculum of a public school is designed to include those areas which the majority, either through statute or other decision-making procedures, deems to be necessary for every child to be taught. Every effort is made to include topics and teaching methodology within the required curriculum which is appropriate to the age, maturity and ability level of the students. A balance is sought which reflects a concern for differing societal views, moral standards and religious preferences, yet does not compromise the required curriculum which the majority views as necessary.
There may be topics in the curriculum, however, which are objectionable to an individual or individuals. A student, or parent(s) of any student attending M.S.A.D. No. 75 schools, has the right to request that the student be released from instruction which infringes upon his/her religious or moral beliefs. Individuals who wish to make such a request should contact the appropriate administrator or department head for procedures related to this policy.

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