Grade 5 Instrumental Music

Grade 5 Elementary Instrumental Music

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Dawne-Marie Powers' Schedule
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Monday Mt. Ararat Middle School Bowdoinham Community School Tuesday Mt. Ararat Middle School Woodside Elementary School Wednesday Williams-Cone School Thursday Mt. Ararat Middle School Harpswell Community School Woodside Elementary School Friday Mt. Ararat Middle School Bowdoin Central School

Student expectations-
Students are expected to-
practice at least 120 minutes each week.
prepare for and attend weekly lessons.
to attend band rehearsals after completing requirements.
to HAVE FUN!!!

What 20 Minutes of Practicing at Home Should Look Like

While exploring with your instrument is a very beneficial thing, 20 minutes of practicing should look something like this:

25 sec. of Warm-up (playing the Band warm-up with a steady beat and a nice straight sound)

10 -15 minutes working on assigned exercises from his lesson book (working on performing rhythms with a steady beat, good tone, proper posture and correct hand position)

5 - 10 minutes working on any music for concert

Mt. Ararat M.S. Music Dept.

Thinking of buying an instrument? READ HERE FIRST!!! modules/groups/homepagefiles/gwp/2262567/3110103/File/Letter to Parents Concerning Buying A Musical Instrument.pdf

Online Directions for renting an instrument modules/groups/homepagefiles/gwp/2262567/3110103/File/MAC Online instructions 081910.pdf

Merrymeeting Band Camp Application

Practice Chart

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Picking an instrument link
Everything you wanted to know but didn't know where to look link
Beginning Band Parent Advocacy
Care and Maintenance

Flute care:

Oboe care:

Clarinet care:

Sax Care:

Trumpet care:

Trombone Care:

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