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Interim Superintendent Heidi O'LearyEvery individual has a unique story to tell – stories of triumphs, challenges, dreams, and aspirations. As the incoming Interim Superintendent of Schools for MSAD No. 75, I recognize that while we all have our individual narratives, we now have a collective opportunity. I invite each of you to come together, blending our unique experiences, to craft a remarkable story for our district – one that future generations can look back on with pride and inspiration. 

The four communities of Maine School Administrative District No. 75 stand united in our purpose: to cultivate learners who are not only confident and eloquent but also critical thinkers and imaginative contributors to our society. This unity signifies our unwavering dedication to student-centricity and our genuine aspiration to serve. In accepting the charge handed to me by the School Board, I pledge to amplify the District's ongoing work, ensuring every student's needs are foremost, and guiding the District toward further advancements in both innovation and achievement. While we cherish our past milestones, our journey now is about magnifying these successes and breaking new ground. 

It is my firm belief that by establishing ambitious standards and furnishing the essential resources and support, we can elevate all students to their own potential. This vision for MSAD No. 75 is not just about nurturing a culture of excellence and unwavering improvement but also about understanding, valuing, and sharing the rich tapestry of stories each student brings. 

As we embark on this chapter, I urge all of you – our esteemed teachers, dedicated staff, and vibrant community – to join hands in penning a collective story – one marked by collaboration, renewal, and an intrinsic focus on our students. Together, let's make MSAD No. 75 a beacon of educational excellence and create a narrative that resonates with pride, hope, and unity. 


Heidi O’Leary

Superintendent of Schools

The Superintendent Quarterly


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