KF: Community Use of School Facilities


For the purpose of this policy, “school facilities” include buildings and grounds, parking lots, playing fields and fixed equipment.  This policy KF and regulation KF-R shall not apply to the Orion Performing Arts Center or any other District facility for which the Board has adopted separate policies and procedures.          


It is the Board’s desire that the local taxpayers who provide the school should be able to obtain maximum use of the facilities, to the extent consistent with the primary educational function of the school.  It is intended that community uses for educational, recreational, social, civic, philanthropic and like purposes be approved by the administration, in accordance with this policy, the implementing regulations, and a fee schedule which shall be reviewed annually by the Policy Committee.


The Superintendent is responsible for developing administrative regulations which provide for: timely applications; uses which do not interfere with educational or extracurricular programs of the public school students; preference to local, not-for-profit organizations; and the acceptance of appropriate responsibility and liability.


FIRST READING:        June 23, 2016
SECOND READING:   July 14, 2016
ADOPTION:                 July 14, 2016

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